CCTV Locating & Inspections


A blockage in your pipes, sewers and drains doesn’t mean you should start digging up your property. At JM Plumbing we use CCTV cameras to locate blockages and inspect damaged drains. This allows us to come up with a solution for you without us having to call for the Bobcat.

Our CCTV cameras give us the perfect view of your drain and sewer system. We can see everything from tiny cracks that can become a major leak to the beginning of a tree root intrusion that can become a much larger blockage. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Good Reputation: Over the past 30 years, we've been building up a reputation for quality. Every one of our team members love what they do and this passion shines through in their unwavering dedication to the job at hand.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer excellent rates on our CCTV locating and inspection service. We also make sure that our quotes are an accurate reflection of the final price so you don’t have to deal with any hidden charges.
  • High-Quality Equipment: There’s no substitute for quality and that’s why we’ve invested in the best CCTV equipment available. It’s a cornerstone of our drainage service line and we rely on it to provide us and our customers with an accurate diagnosis of the health of their drainage system.
  • Respect: Absolute respect for the customer is a prerequisite for being a member of the JM Plumbing team. The plumber we send out will be attentive to your every need and make sure that all your concerns and queries are dealt with promptly.
  • Service Guarantee: We trust our tradesman and we trust our equipment. We know that we’re capable of delivering absolute quality and that’s why we back our work with a service guarantee.

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