Blocked Sewer & Stormwater Drainage


Blocked sewers and stormwater drains are a common problem for property owners. They’re often a cause for alarm due to the enormous cost and disruption involved in digging up drains so the blockage can be removed.

With Jeremy Macpherson Plumbing you don’t need to panic. We use a combination of techniques to diagnose and remove blockages without needing to dig or disrupt your drainage system. Firstly, we’ll use a CCTV camera to locate and inspect the blockage, secondly, we’ll use jet blasting to remove the blockage, finally, we’ll complete a pipe relining service to restore the lining of your pipe and prevent future blockages. 

Why Choose Us?

  • History of Success: We’ve built our name on the back of the consistency of our delivery. We’re not happy with anything but perfection and that’s why we take on each job with the same desire to deliver an outstanding outcome for our customers.
  • Excellent Rates: We offer great value for money for our services and unique method for unblocking drains guarantees to save you money. We provide upfront pricing structures so there are no hidden fees or nasty surprises. 
  • State-Of-The-Art Equipment: We’ve invested heavily in our equipment and the quality of our work is a testament to this investment.
  • Customer Focus: The work we do isn’t just about clearing drains. It’s about looking after our customers and making sure they are happy with what we’re doing and the direction of the project. We focus on communication throughout the project to ensure our customers are completely satisfied by the time the project is finished.
  • Service Guarantee: We know we can deliver a quality drain and sewer cleaning service. In fact, we’re so confident that we’re prepared to back ourselves with a service guarantee.

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